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How to brighten up your deer lease

I wanted to share a picture with you... This is what happens when you allow your wife to decorate your deer lease cabin. We are hunting in Brown Co. and transportated the cabin from Temple, Texas to our lease. We had 5 trucks all together pulling other cabins etc... and this one drew alot of comments and attention not only by our fellow hunters on the lease, but I am sure by others on the road as well. My husband told me no pink and/or girly stuff inside so this is what I came up with. I might ad that we are also newly weds still so I am sure he had to take a deep breath and appreciate my artistic abilities and my imagination. Actually now that the cabin is there it has kinda started to grown on all of us. I continue to decorate and we have a even have a lil' white picket fence and pink flamingo party lights also on the outside of the cabin. To be honest I think my husband really appreciates the fact that I am there working with him side by side and that I really do enjoy going with him to the lease. So here is Our cabin we call it the Cabo Wabo Cantina and others call it the Snow Cone Shack !!!! also inclosed is a view of another side called Tex-Mingo ( I had to do a Texas theme with a pink flamingo as well)
    sent in by     Kimberly

Locate deer leases and hunting information by county using the above drop down menus. Before you go hunting or to the lease, check the hunting regulations for your county, or print out local merchants and resources on the web. Find out where to buy deer feed. available lodging in your county, eating places and camp repair parts including propane. Know before you go. When the new page loads, check out local resources on the left menu.

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