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White-tailed deer are tan or brown in the summer, grayish brown in winter, and somewhat invisible around deer season. Average bucks weigh 100 to 200 pounds, and does weigh 80 to 160 pounds. Diet varies according to habitat and season, but commonly they eat green plants in the summer, corn, acorns and other nuts in the fall, and the buds and twigs of woody plants in the winter. Given enough food, water and shelter their population grows very quickly. Home range is usually less than a square mile. (The Rut Timetable in Texas) This is the best time to see the big ones. Disease and parasites like lice, mites, and roundworms can also affect the deer population. Be cautious of Lyme Disease, expecially in all regions of Texas.
Locate deer leases and hunting information by county using the above drop down menus. Before you go hunting or to the lease, check the hunting regulations for your county, or print out local merchants and resources on the web. Find out where to buy deer feed. available lodging in your county, eating places and camp repair parts including propane. Know before you go. When the new page loads, check out local resources on the left menu.

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