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Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla 
Family: Antilocapridae 
Genus: Antilocapa americana

Antelope or Pronghorn

The Pronghorn is also known as the Pronghorn Antelope is the fastest land animal in North America running at speeds up to 54 mph (90 km/h). The horns of a Pronghorn are made up of a hairlike substance that grows around a bony core; the outer sheath is shed annually. Pronghorns eat cacti, grasses, forbs and browse plants. Locate counties with an antelope season by using the drop down menues above. Adult male Pronghorn weigh 100 to 130 lb (45 to 60 kg) while females weigh 75 to 100 lb (35 to 45 kg). The main color of adults is brown or tan, with a white rump and belly and two white stripes on the throat. A short dark mane grows along the neck, and males also sport a black mask and black patches on the sides of the neck.
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